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Harassment in the books

Emily Merz: UC sexual misconduct policy's vagueness leads to leniency for faculty
Title IX policies at the University of California aren’t just vague; they’re can also be rather lenient to those who commit sexual harassment.
Mariah Furtek: The UC should notify students about faculty sexual harassment findings
The National Science Foundation requires universities receiving funding from it to disclose if researchers are guilty of or being investigated for sexual harassment. That kind of information is necessary for the public, not just the NSF.
William Bleveans: UC, UCLA should expedite, standardize sexual harassment investigations
The University of California takes its sweet time investigating Title IX complaints. As a result, it only makes its job harder.
Erin Nguyen: Sexual violence must be mitigated by addressing rape culture
If the #MeToo movement seems impertinent to you, I have three words: it’s you too.